Transfer & International Applicants

Transfer Students
The California School of Law accepts transfer students from ABA and California Accredited law schools.

In addition to our Admission Standard, California School of Law also requires the following of transfer applicants:
• Transfer students must be in good academic standing at his/her previous law school. Students not in good academic standing can’t transfer units.
• Transfer students must complete 2 years or 50% of his/her law school education at the California School of Law.
• Transfer student use the same Application as new students but must clearly indicate that he/she is a transfer student and the name of the previous law school attended on the Application.
• Transfer students are required to submit official transcripts from all prior law schools attended.
• California School of Law does not accept transfer units that are two or more years old.

Starting Law School Over
If a transfer student is not going to receive transfer credits, the applicant will need to complete a Starting First-Year Law Studies Over Certification form and submit it to the State Bar of California for approval.
Please refer to the Catalog for more information about our transfer policies.

Transfer of Credit to Other Law Schools
It is the responsibility of each student to investigate the transferability of credits earned at the California School of Law. Students should not assume that credits earned at the California School of Law will be accepted by other institutions.

International Applicants
International student can earn their Juris Doctor Degree at the California School of Law. Prospective students with a Bachelors or Associates Degree or 60 college units meet the law school Admission Standards.

International applicants educated outside the U.S. must have their transcripts evaluated by a Credential Evaluation Service approved by the State Bar of California. Students are required to have a course by course evaluation.

Review a list of Approved Credential Evaluation Services.

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