Students can find the textbooks on numerous websites and in legal bookstores, the cost of textbooks varies but is roughly $200-$500 annually, depending on if new or used textbooks are purchased.

Unless otherwise noted, all textbooks are required.

Consider these outlets for new and used textbooks as well
Legal Books Distributing, DealOz.com, Amazon.com, Textbooks.com, Chegg.com, and Barrister Books.com

First Year Textbooks List

Criminal Law and It’s Processes: Cases and Materials 10th Edition
Author: Sanford H. Kadish, Stephen J. Schulhofer, Rachel E. Barkow
ISBN-13: 9781454873808
ISBN-10: 1454873809

Criminal Law: Roadmap 6th Edition
Author: Laurie Levenson
ISBN-13: 9781933408521
ISBN-10: 1933408529

Cases and Materials on Contracts, 8th Edition
Author: Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks and Garvin
ISBN-13: 9781609300975
ISBN-10: 1609300971

Gilbert Law Summaries: Contracts 14th Edition
Author: Keyed to Young, Farnsworth, Sanger
ISBN-13: 9780159007761
ISBN-10: 0159007763 

Selections for Contracts: Uniform Commercial Code, Restatement Second, 2012
Keyed to Young, Farnsworth, Sanger
ISBN-13: 9781609300791
ISBN-10: 1609300793

Cases and Materials on Torts, 14th Edition
Author: Prosser, Wade, Schwartz, Kelly and Partlett
ISBN-13: 9781684674077
CasebookPlus ISBN: 9781647082116

Gilbert Law Summaries: Torts 25th Edition
Author: Franklin
ISBN-13: 9781634602747
ISBN-10: 1634602749 

Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Essay Examination Writing Workbook 7th Ed.
Author: Jeff Alan Fleming, Susan Patricia Sneidmiller
ISBN: 9781932440584
ISBN-10: 1932440585

Multistate Examination Workbook 6th Ed.
Author: Fleming, Jeff, Sneidmiller, Susan
ISBN: 9781932440720
ISBN-10: 1932440720

MBE Survival Kit, New Expanded Edition
Adachi (REVD 2009)
ISBN-13: 9781882278169
ISBN-10: 188227816X

Upper Division Textbooks (2L, 3L, 4L)

Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems, Sixth Edition
Author: Barbara Allen Babcock, Toni M. Massaro, Norman W. Spaulding
ISBN-10: 145487645X ISBN-13: 9781454876458

Criminal Procedure, 2014 Case and Statutory Supplement
Author: Erwin Chemerinsky, Laurie L. Levenson
ISBN-10: 1454841737 ISBN-13: 9781454841739

Constitutional Law
Constitutional Law, 19th edition
Author: Kathleen Sullivan and Noah Feldman
ISBN-10: 1634594479 ISBN-13:  9781634594479

Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies (6th edition)
Author: Chemerinsky
ISBN-13: 9781454895749

Only for Students Taking the FYLSE
FYLSE Review
Nailing the Baby Bar: How to Write Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law Essays, 2005
Author: Tyler, Tim
ISBN: 187956355X

Cases, Comments and Questions, 7th (American Casebook Series) 7th Edition
Author: Harry Krause, Elrod, Oldham
ISBN-13: 978-0314280251
ISBN-10: 0314280251

Family Law, Examples and Explanations
Author: Oliphant and Steegh
SBN-13: 978-1454815525
ISBN-10: 1454815523

Outline: Black Letter Outlines on Family Law, 4th Ed.
Author: Krause and. Meyer
ISBN: 9780314194480

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