Letter From The Dean

The California School of Law’s Online Law School will expect much of you; indeed, from the very first day, the Law School will challenge you to think and do things you likely did not know you could accomplish.

The experience will reward you by exposing you to ideas that inspire and will teach you the skills and ways of thought that will serve as the foundation of your legal career, as well as enrich your personal life.

The California School of Law offers its students a wonderful online experience. State of the art technology is utilized to provide live, video conferencing between faculty and students, creating a virtual classroom. The first time you are asked to brief a case or make a legal argument before your professor and classmates, you will feel how real the virtual classroom experience is at the California School of Law. I believe this educational experience, offered from the convenience of any online computer, has no parallel in the field of legal education.

The California School of Law is for students who love ideas, who want to think about the law, who wish to develop their intellect, who care about how our society works and who wish to avail themselves of the opportunities that the legal profession offers. At the California School of Law, the study of law is not only for the rich and powerful, but for all. I hope that you will find your visit to the California School of Law website both interesting and informative.

Dean William Hunt

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