Classes 100% Online

Students attend live video conferencing classes (webinars), the professors lecture and students ask questions two nights a week. All classes are online and use the Socratic Method of instruction.

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Admission Standards

The California School of Law is interested in students who are willing to work hard to receive a Juris Doctor Degree. Have your qualifications for admissions evaluated by filling out our Admissions Evaluation Form.
NO LSAT Required.

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The California School of Law tuition is a fraction of the coast of Residential ABA Law Schools. we also provide students with several affordable installment plans starting at just $350.00 a month.

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Reaching Your Goal

The goal of the California School of Law is to provide an educational experience as close as possible to a traditional residential law school. We believe this is the best way to prepare you for the rigors of practicing law.

Since 2007, the California School of Law has provided an interactive education to working professionals who want to become attorneys. Our outstanding Faculty and comprehensive curriculum is designed to help students develop the legal skills and gain the relevant knowledge for a successful career in law.

Our smaller class sizes allow students to develop personal relationship with the professors and other students.
With a Juris Doctor Degree from the California School of Law you are ready for the next level of career success.

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